Not only do I love creating finished quality artwork but I also love diving into the the little details that make an environment or character feel lived in or real. I am excited by subtle details and how these little touches add up to create something rich and complex. I believe this attention to detail allows me to enjoy creating anything big or small.

Misc. Concept Art Commissions and Personal Fun

Game Dev

For a few months I helped with concept art, level design, story development, and more on a very small indie team working on a low poly first person shooter called Reclaim Earth. One of the things I was asked to design was a low resolution menu system that allowed the player to actively playing and being in danger while in it. To make the player feel distracted I proposed darkening and blurring the gameplay and making the menu its self semitransparent. The next task was to design all the menus to be minimal in pixels yet rich in design. Even though these menus were not taken to completion due to the game being put on hold I am very proud of the look and feel in the early stages.