I know it sounds terribly cliche but I honestly just fell into making emotes and other Twitch art. It all started around March of 2017. I had just started streaming regularly on Twitch after months of primarily watching other channels. When my friends would show up to check out my channel they would see all the artwork I had made for myself and that I was an professional artist. I am terrible at self promoting so many people had no idea that I even made art. Once a few commissions came in it was all over. Word spread of my art skills and soon I had hundreds of commissions coming in from large and small streamers. Its been an amazing experience meeting so many people from all over the world.

In this section I would like to display the artwork made for the many channels I've been lucky enough to be work with. Enjoy!



Finished Emotes for Twitch and Discord - 648


Finished Badges for Twitch - 250


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